Welcome to DopaNet

Access Free Internet Connect To DopaNet Wifi


No Wi-Fi Password, no login, no interval bounded, no tokens just Install One App (DopaNet), make sure it’s running, and enjoy uninterrupted internet smoothly.

DopaNet will show ads continuously (movable ads) without disturbing the user experience. Uninterrupted internet access is given as long as ads are not closed by the user.

Revenue is generated continuously as long as users are using the internet.

If the users close the Ads, internet access is disabled, for the user to enjoy free internet, Ads in the top corner should be displayed.

Ads are displayed Independent of the application being used.

How to colabrate

Step 1

Should invest for all router marketing internet expenses

Step 2

Should invest for maintenance expenses (manpower, etc)

Step 3

Should invest in marketing expenses (manpower and other related expenses)

Go To Market Plan

Identify places where to set up a wifi zone where waiting time is maximum for crowds.

Wifi zone of 3 to 5 routers covering 300 to 500 meters full wifi

Target 3 to 5k downloads in the next 3 to 6 months.

Identify advertisers, and offer early bird free ads offer with possible purchases after 1 to 3 months.

Start creating such setups every other month till the next 6 months along with increasing the area of every existing network

Ensure that every advertiser pays for ads maximum after 3 months of free trial. In the next 1 year plan 50 setups ensuring 1 million downloads.

Execution Strategy

Anthropic provides complete technology support for

  • Maintain and deployment of router, configuration, and running.
  • Tech support team
  • Ad Management and uploading team
  • Complete Tech Stack including
Router Firmware
Mobile Application
Ad Control Panel

Execution Strategy

Set up the Marketing Team at the regional level.
Tie up with Regional Ad Agencies, for regular Ads refills.
Identify the location, where the waiting time of people is more.
Tie-up ISP
Set up Wifi Zone at the identified location.
Upload Advertisements, based on the requirements of Advertisers.